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May Launch

Dear Readers,

My debut novel has finally made it to the edge of publication. Looking at a late May launch date, The Last White Truffle will be found on the following sites: Amazon, Barnes and Nobel, and Apple ibooks, among others.

It’s almost unbelievable how one event can change your life forever…

Jennifer Pope’s life was predictable and, at times, restless. Being a smart, attractive, and accomplished woman at the age of 32, she thought that she had everything planned out.

What she didn’t expect was that her well designed life at one of the most prestigious event venues in San Francisco is about to be interrupted as she discovers her old flame, and Executive Chef murdered right on the premises!

As Chief of Staff at Monroe Manor, she feels somewhat responsible. Now determined to find the killer, she teams up with Inspector Abigail Trent to unravel the mystery that led to murder.

But when a colleague and close friend, Matt Stewart, joins Jennifer on her crusade, things are about to get a bit steamy…

Will Jennifer manage to solve the murder? Will the spark between her and Matt turn into a flame?

Follow Jennifer as the mysterious events unravel, and her life is being changed forever in this light-hearted romantic mystery filled with twists and turns.

The Last White Truffle is a delectable and page-turning mystery romance story that will shock you, surprise you, keep you on your toes and leave you yearning for more. So what are you waiting for?

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  1. jdjarvis says

    Wow. Congratulations!!! Will definitely be buying a copy. 🤩💗

    Joy Jarvis Sent from my iPhone


  2. Denise says

    This is such a celebration! Can’t wait to add this to my reading list and home library.

    • Denise -book has launched on Amazon as of yesterday. You can find it by typing in author name KP Kennedy (easier to find than typing in title). Here’s hoping I sell a ton! 🙂

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