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Creamy zucchini soup with Parmesan Crisps

Creamy Zucchini and Asparagus Soup served with Parmesan Cheese Crisps

Fall has definitely arrived – although we were treated to sunny days this weekend, you could definitely feel the chill in the air.  So Soup Season is here.  I love homemade soups and this one is simple to make and ready to eat in under an hour.    I use an immersion blender to finish this soup as I like small bits of the vegetables still in tact, and an immersion blender offers you more control on how smooth, or how chunky you want your soup, as opposed to a food processor. Me, I like it a smidge chunky!

Green Goddess sandwich with bacon

Green Goddess Sandwich

Last day for eating sandwiches, as I leave behind bread for the next few months.  I love bacon and avocado sandwiches and I love Green Goddess dressing – so put them altogether and I am in pig heaven (no pun intended towards the bacon, really).  Goodbye bread, hello low carb.  Will miss this sandwich but all is not lost as I can still enjoy all of the other ingredients on my new food plan (notice I didn’t say “diet” –  am trying to avoid negativity, and diets always remind me of deprivation – Ha!)

Grilled Cheese Sandwich – 31 Ways to Make ‘Em!

You are likely thinking, grilled cheese sandwich? Really?  Like I don’t know how to make one?  Sure you do, but do you know 31 different ways?  I didn’t until now.  The picture above is my grilled cheese sandwich and the makings of it are below.  But before you get to that you need to see a sampling of the 30 other ways that I found this weekend at the Grilled Cheese Academy (imagine being able to say you graduated from the Grilled Cheese Academy!)  Their sandwiches look amazing, so am posting some of their photos that I personally find mouth-watering.  Then you can go look at their site and see the rest of them and get their recipes.   Here you go….

Baby It’s Cold Outside – Hot and Sour Soup

It’s getting cold outside – had to wear a jacket this week for the first time this Fall.  And I notice quite a few people at work have colds, quite a few.  So of course I started to get a cold too, which means a mean stuffed-up head cold.  But wait, there is a sure-fire cure for this besides taking two aspirin and going to bed – it’s called Hot and Sour Soup.   For some reason I don’t think to have this soup during Spring or Summer.

Is mushroom soup also good for the soul?

Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen have brought humor, inspiration and motivation to millions of people through their Chicken Soup for the Soul series.  They chose their title as their inspirational stories were meant to be “good for the soul” same as chicken soup is “good for the body”.   While I have not ventured yet into making a remarkable homemade chicken soup,

Croque Monsieur

On a cold and rainy Sunday afternoon I looked high and low in my refrigerator for something to make for lunch that would bring joy to my heart and stomach on such a drizzly, overcast, and not-so-good day.   Couldn’t find lefovers, didn’t want to get out the pots and pans and construct something from scratch, and there lo and behold hiding behind a fat jar of dill pickle spears was a lonely package of sliced ham.  Scouting around the “cheese drawer” I found a block of cheese leftover from making Fondue the previous week.   OMG, stuff to make a Croque Monsieur – so here we go!