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Green Goddess Sandwich

Green Goddess sandwich with bacon
Green Goddess Sandwich with bacon

Green Goddess Sandwich

Last day for eating sandwiches, as I leave behind bread for the next few months.  I love bacon and avocado sandwiches and I love Green Goddess dressing – so put them altogether and I am in pig heaven (no pun intended towards the bacon, really).  Goodbye bread, hello low carb.  Will miss this sandwich but all is not lost as I can still enjoy all of the other ingredients on my new food plan (notice I didn’t say “diet” –  am trying to avoid negativity, and diets always remind me of deprivation – Ha!)


So easy to assemble – bread, GG dressing, bacon, avocado and tomatoes!



4 slices french bread

4 slices thick cut bacon

1 medium tomato

1 large avocado

4 Tbls Green Goddess Dressing (see Salad Dressings)

Green Goddess sandwich with bacon


Grill your french bread slices at same time you grill the bacon, both on same pan.

Lay grilled slices on plates; spread 1 Tbl GG dressing on each slice.  On one slice pile on bacon, and avocado slices – the other has the tomato.

You’re done!  Eat!  Enjoy!   This sandwich is really, really simple, and really, really good!

Serves:  2


  1. Sounds fantastic, I applaud your willpower, I’ve done low carb diets and they really work, at least for me. I need to do the same. What a fantastic way to say goodbye to bread. Happy Easter.

    • Thanks Suzanne – I’ve done the low carb plan before and was successful, but was a lot younger then so keeping my fingers crossed that I am as successful as before.

  2. what a lovely (temporary) sandwich swan song! I love avocado-bacon sandwiches, too. Add roast turkey and blue cheese and I’m in heaven. Am working on developing no-carb recipes for a client and finding it challenging. Would love to see what food favorites you find in your new food plan 🙂

    • Thanks Liz. Like your addition of the turkey and blue cheese (one of my favorites to add to sandwiches and burgers). Made spareribs Saturday night and was delightfully surprised that they tasted as good as my regular recipe. Am posting that later today.

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