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Old Fashioned Macaroni Salad

  Did you know that May is National Salad Month?   I didn’t, but I did know that when we have sunny weather like we did this weekend, I crave salads.  On Sunday the temperature reached 86 degrees in Seattle and it seemed fitting to fire up the BBQ, grill a burger, and serve Macaroni Salad, along with a beer.    Growing up in the Bay Area we had family and friends over just about every weekend to enjoy the pool and sun – to make the macaroni salad a little fancier, my Mom would add Bay Shrimp on top (about 1/4 cup).  It definitely made it more special – here is my Mom’s recipe.

Party Sandwich Loaf

  There’s an Irish saying that dates back to  the 16th century that goes… “April showers bring May flowers”.  It also brings thoughts of other showers, as in bridal and baby showers. The first question when planning a shower is, what to serve? If you have a couple of hours (yes this takes a little bit of time) and want to offer your guests a really great lunch, that is both light and easy to handle (since you might be balancing your plate on your lap as we often do at these functions), then try serving a Sandwich Loaf the next time it is your turn to host the shower.

Olive and Egg Salad Sandwich

  When I buy the 18 count egg box I feel happy to have been economical.  And a week later when I keep staring at all those eggs I panic on what to do with them before they go bad. My first reaction is Meringue Cookies, but they don’t always turn out the best in wet weather and work better in dry, hot weather.   But a good egg salad sandwich, made on a Sunday, means extra salad fixings for sandwiches later in the week at work.  Here is my version…