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Cinnamon Streusel Coffee Cake with Chocolate Ganache Icing

It’s that time of year when family starts to descend on you for the holidays.  Aunt Sue and Uncle Bernie and their 3 kids will be staying with you, and this year they are bringing the family dog Apollo, as he gets lonely in the kennel.   Your mother-in-law and her new boyfriend are off for some sun and fun in Dubai, so they will be arriving before Christmas to visit and exchange gifts.  Then of course there is the stress of shopping for gifts (who wears what, what size are they this year, what is that color they absolutely refuse to wear) and decorating the house (yes that does mean the roof too), all of which can drive a person into overload, then stress and anxiety build to a crescendo and you want to explode.

Hot Chocolate and Cinnamon Crostini

I am told Spring has sprung as of last Tuesday, but with the weird weather we are having you could not make a bet on it and feel secure that your odds would be favorable in Vegas.  We had some sun (although you still had to wear a coat cuz it was cold), a bit of rain, a bit of sleet, a bit of hale, and oh yes, we also got a light dusting of snow.  Really, in March??   So feeling chilly, and wanting to drink something cozy, I needed a good cup of hot chocolate.  Not the kind I make late at night using Ghiradelli, the cocoa I grew up with (which by the way, is one of the best “off the shelf” cocoa you can find.)   Nope, I wanted what I consider THE BEST cup of hot chocolate in the world, and that is only found at Angelina’s in Paris, or so I was told about 10 years go.    While traveling on business I was repeatedly told that our hotel was located …