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Creamy Hash Browns

Happy New Year Friends!  Am just finishing up a lovely break of 10 days off before returning to work tomorrow.  Breakfast had to be special this morning so I made a batch of Creamy Hash Browns.  You start with fresh shredded potatoes in a pan on the stove and finish in the oven.  Add whatever spices/herbs you like – I used fresh parsley and chives as I now have an herb garden in my kitchen and these herbs were plentiful.  To finish this dish you add a baked egg and small spoonful of black caviar.  A great way to start 2016! Ingredients: 2 russet potatoes, shredded 2 whole eggs 3 Tbl heavy cream 1 Tbl chopped chives 1 Tbl chopped parsley 1/2 tsp black caviar Paprika Kosher Salt Method: Shred the potatoes or use packaged shredded hash browns from the store (usually found near the eggs.)  Add potatoes to a bowl and add cream, chives, pinch of salt, parsley.  Mix and pour into a non-stick pan.  Brown on one side, flip and brown the other …

Vichyssoise – Cold Potato Soup

In celebration of the Summer Solstice which begins today, I made a batch of Vichyssoise.  Summer is my favorite season – I love going to my local Farmer’s Market on Saturday where you find fruits and vegetables robust with flavor and shiny, amazing colors – so fresh!   Summer brings sunshine to the Pacific Northwest (yes we do get sun) and on those really hot days I crave cold soup, in particular Vichyssoise or cold potato/leek soup. Vichyssoise was created by Louis Diat, chef at the Ritz-Carlton in NYC.  In 1917 he recreated his mother’s potato and leek soup, and added cream to cool it down.   He named it Crème Vichyssoise Glacee (chilled cream vichyssoise) after Vichy, a spa town nearby his hometown in France.

Hot Chocolate and Cinnamon Crostini

I am told Spring has sprung as of last Tuesday, but with the weird weather we are having you could not make a bet on it and feel secure that your odds would be favorable in Vegas.  We had some sun (although you still had to wear a coat cuz it was cold), a bit of rain, a bit of sleet, a bit of hale, and oh yes, we also got a light dusting of snow.  Really, in March??   So feeling chilly, and wanting to drink something cozy, I needed a good cup of hot chocolate.  Not the kind I make late at night using Ghiradelli, the cocoa I grew up with (which by the way, is one of the best “off the shelf” cocoa you can find.)   Nope, I wanted what I consider THE BEST cup of hot chocolate in the world, and that is only found at Angelina’s in Paris, or so I was told about 10 years go.    While traveling on business I was repeatedly told that our hotel was located …