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Flat Iron Steak Argentine Style – Chimichurri Sauce

  Flat Iron steak is my new best friend – at least for this month.   Talk about scads of flavor – and it costs less than a NY steak or tenderloin.  I generally like a steak with a lot of fat (as I think it provides so much flavor, even though it isn’t so great for your heart or figure.)  The flat iron steak is flavorful because of the significant amount of marbling in the meat – if it’s Wagyu or Kobe beef, even better.  It can sometimes be a little tough (similar to skirt or flank steak), so marinating the steak will go a long way – shoot for 4 to 6 hours, or overnight if possible.  Toss it on the grill – it takes to the grill like wild fire!

Crispy Potato Boats

Not sure why Emma named these potatoes “boats” except that’s what my Mom always called them and this is her recipe.  We had these long before potato wedges became popular and they are wonderful when served with chicken or meatloaf, but are good just all on their own. (Hint: if you are just eating the potatoes, serve them with mayonnaise or Aioli – they become gold at this point).

Garlicky red roasted potatoes

Red roasted potatoes (especially made with garlic) are one of my favorite ways of cooking potatoes – better than Russett Boat Potatoes; even better than mashed potatoes or hash browns – and I love them all!  I particularly like to serve this recipe when I make a Rack of Lamb, which I did this past weekend.  Often when I serve these potatoes someone invariably asks for the recipe and I say “Yes of course I will email to you” but then forget to actually do it.  So ladies, as promised, I am posting the recipe. The potatoes have a lot of flavor, and are really easy, easy, easy to prepare – another reason you gotta love em!