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Swedish Meatballs (KÖTTBULLAR)

New Year’s Eve is approaching and Swedish Meatballs (Köttbullar) are perfect for bite-sized appetizers. Make ’em, freeze ’em, bake ’em and serve them in a chafing dish, crock pot, or fondue pot – whatever you have on hand that will keep these babies warm.   I made these on Monday and froze them to be used on Christmas Day – then all I had to do was bake them that afternoon and make the sauce.   I like to use a combo of both ground beef and pork when I make the meatballs – and I know some people even add veal for a more rounded flavor. Use whatever bread you have on hand and make fresh breadcrumbs in a food processor – you will notice the difference, but use the Pulse button so you don’t end up with sawdust.  I was in Stockholm last year (see here) and had the most amazing Swedish Meatballs – they were large, very large, as this was an entrée and not an appetizer and tasted absolutely amazing! As …

A first for me – the Nobel Prize

I was overjoyed to visit Stockholm and home of the Nobel Prizes which are awarded in a ceremony each year at the Stockholm Concert Hall, as this was an item on my Bucket List. To cross off my list that I had seen the Nobel Prize “up close and personal” would have been a first for me, as most of my bucket items to cross off are non-travel related so far. I had previously read the biography of Albert Nobel and was very excited to know I would be walking the same halls that countless distinguished and accomplished award winners had previously walked.  You need to know that Stockholm has a lot of construction going on – just about every corner you turn there is a building being demolished and replaced, or new construction, or some type of building resurfacing – we encountered the latter when we passed by the Concert Hall, so actually didn’t get to go inside and tour the building.  Big disappointment and I will just have to schedule another trip to Stockholm in the future!