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Watermelon and feta cheese salad

I remember the first time I had this salad, which was in Athens quite a few years ago. My sister Lorie and I had traveled to Greece, where we made Athens our home port while we explored Mykonos, Corinth, Delphi,  Santorini and other cities and islands in Greece, before heading to Cairo to see the Sphinx and Pyramids of Giza.  This was a major trip for us traveling over 6,800 miles from home.  And then there was the Six Degrees of Separation thing, only we didn’t know

Black Bottom Cupcakes

These are a whole lot of chocolate with a surprise center: cream cheese and teeny chocolate chips.   Two of my favorite combos, and one of my father’s two favorite desserts (the other being Pineapple Upside Down Cake).  My father passed away quite a while ago, but I was thinking of him yesterday on Father’s Day and decided late last night to whip up a batch of Black Bottom Cupcakes, his way.  Most Black Bottom Cupcakes do not have frosting or icing on top, as the cream cheese rises to the top while baking and serves as the frosting.  But my Dad really liked chocolate and he adored chocolate frosting in particular  – so I always frosted these cupcakes to make them special for him.  You can make the cupcake batter from scratch, but a cake mix off the shelf can be awfully tasty when you are rushed, or as in my case it is 11:30 at night when I started baking.