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Chocolate Soufflé

I love a Chocolate Soufflé, anytime, any day of the week – it’s one of my favorite desserts.  In recent years there is a trend to create soufflés with the “lava” effect, where chocolate oozes out when you dig into it.  I prefer the traditional light and airy texture inside a soufflé and this recipe does exactly that.   I practiced many a weekend making Soufflés using a basic recipe from Gourmet Cook Book until I perfected it – have adapted it as seen below. 

Why not a Chocolate Soufflé for dessert this weekend?  Remember you don’t have to wait for an occasion to whip up a soufflé, you just need the desire for something scrumptious!


3 Tbl butter – melted

3 Tbl flour

½ cup Ghirardelli double chocolate hot cocoa

1 cup milk

½ cup sugar plus 1 Tbl.

¼ tsp salt

1 Tsp Pure Vanilla Extract

5 eggs

Pinch of Cream of Tartar


  1. Melt butter in microwave for 15 seconds.  Add flour and hot cocoa, blend well.  Slowly add the milk, then ½ cup sugar, salt, and vanilla extract and whisk till well blended.  Microwave on high for 2 minutes till sauce is thick – return to microwave at one minute intervals if needed.   Once the sauce is thick, pour it into another bowl, set aside and let the mixture cool.
  2. Separate the yolks and white from the 5 eggs.     Take 4 of the yolks and lightly beat them in a bowl.  Then add them to the cooled chocolate sauce.
  3. Stiffly beat the 5 egg whites (yes, you have one egg yolk leftover for your omelet in the morning), adding a touch of cream of tartar and remaining 1 Tbl. sugar, till egg whites are stiff and shiny.  Gently fold the stiff egg whites into the sauce.  Don’t stir or your soufflé will barely rise.
  4. Using a 6 cup soufflé dish, butter bottom and sides and sprinkle sugar in the bottom of the dish.  Using wax paper, make a collar around the soufflé dish and hold in place with string.   The collar should be about 4 inches higher than the top of the soufflé dish.  Pour in the batter and place in a 400◦ oven for 10 minutes, then turn down the heat to 375 and cook the soufflé for 20 minutes more.   When done, sprinkle confectioners sugar on top and serve with Vanilla Sauce.

Serves: 6


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