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Gilda’s Club Seattle

Cynthia Nixon

No recipe today, but rather a blog about Gilda’s Club Seattle 15th Annual “Surviving with Style” Fashion Show and Luncheon I attended yesterday in Seattle.  If you are unfamiliar with Gilda’s Club, they are a non-profit organization that supports people living with cancer along with family members, partners and friends.  Gilda’s Club was founded by the comedian Gilda Radner, who died of ovarian cancer in 1989.

Cynthia Nixon (from Sex and the City, and presently on Broadway playing a cancer patient in the hit play, “Wit”) was the celebrity guest speaker.  Cynthia is herself a cancer survivor for the past five years and shared her personal story and how Gilda’s Club fits into the scenario.

Two big take-aways for me:     First the fashion show – we were treated to models, who are cancer survivors, wearing the latest fashions from local designers.  Narrating the fashion show was Steve Raible and Angela Russell from KIRO TV.   As the models strode up and down the long runway, Steve and Angela gave us a glimpse into the lives of these individuals; what they have gone through with their cancer, how they have survived, their exuberance for life and an attitude that says “cancer does not define me”.  All of them beautiful and amazing individuals!

Secondly, Cynthia Nixon inspired everyone with her personal cancer story and that of her mother’s.   She was informative, entertaining, brought tears to our eyes, and was wonderfully encouraging.  She admitted she didn’t always have an answer to someone’s inquiry about how she is doing; and sometimes finds it a bit awkward when the other person starts to cry (talk about a role-reversal here); and there is the occasional person who just plain avoids her as they don’t know what to say.  All things considered not an easy row to hoe when dealing with cancer on a daily basis.  And then she found her Aha moment, where she realized she didn’t have to know all the answers because there was someone else who does have the answers, and that is Gilda’s Club.   Gilda’s Club is a community for cancer patients and their families that helps in a variety of ways:  from understanding cancer to feeling your best and wellness advice; crafting classes and an art studio; Music Mondays if you’re into singing or playing an instrument; cooking classes for kids; yoga and dance and singing and quilting and writing and the list goes on and on.  And hugs, most definitely there are hugs.

Now go and check-em out and see where you can help – it will give you a boost today to do so – I promise!

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  1. I had no idea about Cynthia. I do know all about Gilda’s Club. Wonderful organization. Thank you for the post. I am going to send it on.

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