SF style potato salad

“Hermans” San Francisco style potato salad


  1. I use to live in San Francisco, my brother in law ordered Hermans potato salad for his deli, everyone loved it, and when he closed, I can’t believe why that wonderful tasty salad was not shared, how selfish is that? Think everyone that lived in San Francisco, loved the potato salad too.
    Don’t think any I have tasted is like his. I was in Pismo Beach, and went to a supermarket, can’t recall the name, but their’s was the closest I have ever tasted. They are no longer in business either.
    I have tried your recipe, but, sorry to say, it is not it. But it is good, don’t get me wrong.
    Thanks for trying.

    • Thanks Jan. I definitely know my recipe is not it – there is something missing – don’t know if it is an ingredient(s) or a technique. But it is as close as I have come in trying to replicate it over the last 25 years. Hopefully the Voss family will embrace the recipe and give it another go. Many people would be thrilled for a comeback!

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