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Orange Salad with Kalamata Olives, Artichoke Hearts and Raspberries

Orange Salad with Olives

Orange Salad with Kalamata Olives

I want to start off the week with some healthy menus, so looking to salads for lunchtime meals.  I actually don’t like a lot of lettuce in salads, rather use it as the foundation to pile on lots of fresh fruit and vegetables.  The following salad has a nice citrus background, some salty briny flavors with the Kalamata olives, sweetness from the raspberries, and healthy benefits from the artichoke hearts (high in potassium, folic acid and Vitamin C). Because the Kalamata are brined, they contain sodium – so I don’t add any salt to the salad.  I ate a portion of this salad along with a lo-cal shrimp won ton soup and was very satisfied.   If I bring a frozen diet entrée for lunch I usually crave sugar for several hours.  Not today, as the sweetness of the salad satisfied my sweet tooth!

Orange sections

~~ Peel oranges, scrape off the pith (white beneath rind). Slice the oranges into rings.


~~  So far:  butter lettuce, rings of oranges, and the Kalamata olives.


~~ I use artichoke hearts from the jar – I like the small ones, and then cut in half.


~~ Added the artichoke hearts, the scallion, raspberries, parsley.  Ready for the dressing (or skip the dressing and eat as is).



1 head butter lettuce
2 navel oranges
2/3 cup of Kalamata olives
1 jar artichoke hearts, cut in half
Basket of Raspberries
1 large scallion -cut on the bias
2 tsp parsley
Garlic Infused Sherry Vinaigrette  (bottled)


  • Line a platter with butter lettuce leaves.  Peel and slice the oranges and arrange on top of the lettuce.
  • Add olives on top.  Then the artichoke hearts, and raspberries.  Sprinkle the scallions and the parsley on top of everything and refrigerate for an hour for the flavors to blend.
  • I was given a bottle of Garlic Infused Sherry Vinaigrette over the holidays, so thought I should give it a shot, rather than make a vinaigrette from scratch.  It was really good – there was a bit of a garlic kick to the salad, without having to actually add any raw garlic.  So just before serving, lightly pour the Sherry Vinaigrette over the salad.  Voila – pleasing to both the eye and the waistline!

Serves:  3 portions


    • Thanks Sarah! The oranges and raspberries right now look soooo good, couldn’t resist making this salad, which I might otherwise not do until Spring.

  1. It’s summer here so plenty f meals centred around salads. I shall try this one today. Looks yummy but I shall leave out the artichokes, 🙂

    • I envy you the summer weather. It is very cold here, and expected to snow sometime later this week. Let me know how the salad turns out.

  2. I think that shrimp is a perfect partner for this dish — good choice. I love the diversity of colours and flavours in this salad. I also love your blog . . . glad to have found it!

    • Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog. I was just over at yours and have to say I couldn’t decide which I should make first: the comforting Toad in the Hole (love the photos), or be decadent and try the Nutella Molten Cake. Great blog!

  3. Such an interesting contrast of flavors, textures and colors! Almost too pretty to eat, but no, not quite! 🙂 Am loving your blog and thank you for visiting mine, so that I could come and discover yours!

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