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Insanely good garlic bread with cream cheese and herbs

Garlic bread with cream cheese


Garlic bread with cream cheese

Insanely good garlic bread

If you enjoy garlic bread, and I mean really, really like garlic, then you will adore this recipe. Because the garlic is very prominent I don’t use regular sized slices of french bread, but rather demi baguettes, (slices are a bit larger than a long baguette loaf.) The flavor of the garlic is toned down by using the cream cheese and the slice of grape tomato.   Unfortunately these breads don’t hold their crispness to the next day, but if tossed in a fry pan with olive oil for a minute or two, (don’t put in microwave) they bounce back and work well broken up and used as garlic croutons in a salad. They are the best!


Two demi baguette loaves from La Brea Bakery (sold as 6-pack at Costco for $4.99)

Demi baguette garlic slices

Fresh out of the oven – 3 varieties: 1) Garlic with herb only; 2) Garlic, herbs and tomato; and my favorite: 3) Garlic, cream cheese, herbs, and yellow grape tomato slice 


2 demi baguette French Bread loaves (I buy the 6-pack at Costco)

10 cloves garlic, minced

1/2  cube butter, melted

2 Tbl flat leaf Italian parsley, finely chopped

3 Tbl chives, finely chopped

1 tsp lemon thyme, finely chopped

Lemon zest

3 ounces cream cheese


6 yellow grape tomatoes

Drizzle of olive oil

Kosher salt


1. Slice the two loaves into about 18 slices.

2. Lightly spread olive oil on cookie sheet, add bread, and cook for 7 minutes at 350 degree oven.

3. Chop the garlic, parsley, lemon thyme, and chives and add all of them to a small bowl and mix together so they are blended.

4. Remove bread slices from oven and spread with cream cheese.  Top with above herb mixture.  Cut yellow grape tomatoes into slices and top each bread slice with a tomato ring.

5. If you want a variety do some with just cream cheese and herbs, and some without the cream cheese (these will be your most garlicky toasts so be prepared!)

6.  Add paprika on those without cream cheese and sprinkle with a little of the melted butter on the non-cc ones.   Back into the oven for 5 or 6 minutes.

7. When done place on a plate and lightly grate lemon zest over all the slices and a tiny sprinkle of Kosher salt.

Be sure to offer after dinner mints to your guests when you serve these as they will need them – remember you are among family/friends and everyone has else has also eaten the garlic bread.  By the way, Costco sells Andes mints by the boatload!

Garlic Bread with Herbs

Serves:  18 slices



  1. you are back with a vengeance, Claire! These toasts look amazing. The more garlic the better in my book 🙂

    • I know – but we will see how long this streak lasts as it always depends on how busy I am at work. I agree on garlic – love it and it is so good for you too!

    • Yes I have to say garlic is a favorite around here, tastes good and is good for you – what’s not to like?

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