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Love Those Larabars!

Saturday was a typical day of running around doing chores that included an early morning WW meeting, a mani/pedi appointment, car wash, grocery shopping for next week’s Whole30 meals, drop off at the cleaners, shop for a birthday gift, go home and change clothes and leave for dinner downtown before heading to see the musical Kinky Boots.

I had breakfast covered (sweet potato hash browns and bacon) and dinner was at a Japanese restaurant where I had Beef marinated in Coconut Milk.  But lunch was something else again as I wouldn’t be home till after 3pm and I clearly needed to avoid running into a fast food place if I was starving.

But thanks to Larabar’s Cherry Pie bar, I was able to stay compliant while on the go.  I was pleasantly surprised at how good these bars actually are, as they are a first for me.  Cherry Pie Larabar consists of 3 ingredients: dates, almonds, and unsweetened cherries; has 200 calories, and is W30 compliant.  I did eat it while driving and I tried hard to spend time eating it, chewing it slowly, but heck at some point I just ate it like a candy bar and was done.  I liked the smooth texture of the bar, yet it was also dense enough to make me feel I was eating something substantial.  Great cherry flavor and although the almonds were crushed, you would get a great crunch every once in a while.  It is also gluten-free, dairy free, soy free, Non-GMO, and Vegan.  The dates apparently give the bars their sweetness as dates are the base component of most of the bars, and is one of the reasons you can’t eat one of these every day – you have to look at a Larabar as a treat, or meal replacement as I did on Saturday for lunch.  I brought along some walnut halves and small apple pear that I ate while going though the car wash so I would be satiated before I went to dinner later that night.  And I was – stayed on program during dinner and then went to see a great musical.  Nice way to round out my Saturday!

Definitely Thumbs Up to this.  You can purchase Larabar’s at most grocery stores, but if you prefer ordering on-line go HERE and also on Amazon.





  1. Susan Utterback says

    Claire – I really like Larabars too. They are still very natural. Clif Bars and even Kind Bars have added a lot more ingredients as they have exploded in popularity. The whole reason I was eating those particular bars was to stay as close to nature as possible. The other plus is that Larabars are cheaper than a lot of other bars.

    I am posting this comment well after your 30 days were up. Will you do the program again?

    Just wondering…
    Susan Utterback

    • Hi Susan! I have tried the Cliff Bars too but like the Larabars best and they are considered Whole30 compliant and I don’t know about the other ones. YES, most definitely will do the program again – starting on Dec 26th. But until then I will continue to eat pretty close to the program but knowing I will have several more holiday parties between now and Xmas I decided to hold off doing the official program again until then. I can tell the difference in how I feel now and while I was doing the program. And I feel best doing the program for sure!

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