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How Simple Is This? Quick Holiday Canape

A few ingredients can go a long way, when they are packed with flavor.  Keep these items on hand and you will have a spot-on tasty treat to give your drop-in guests, or when you have limited time in prepping for your holiday party fare. This canape has a sweet savory flavor highlighting the sweetness of the cranberry with the sharpness of the gherkin.  A pleasant surprise when you take that first bite. Quick, easy, flavorful – how simple is this?

Cranberry Cheese Rounds with Gherkins

  • Servings: 24
  • Difficulty: easy
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1 package round Savory Crisps (34 brand)

Marcona Almonds – 4 ounce tub (Matiz brand)

1 tub of Le Roule Cranberry Log (1/2 pound)


12 gherkins



Slice the gherkins in half.  Do a rough chop on the almonds.  Set aside both.

Scoop the cranberry cheese into a baggie and cut off a tiny corner of the bag – now you have a pastry bag!  Lay out the crackers on your serving platter and press out a round of the cheese onto the crackers.

Top each round with a half slice of gherkin, sprinkle with chopped almonds and a dash of paprika.

Fifteen minutes tops and you are done!!

Green check markWhat is the difference between an almond and a Marcona Almond?   Marcona Almonds are imported from Spain and are more round and plumper than almonds from California.  Their texture and flavor are similar to macadamia nuts.  The ones I used were fried in olive oil and then salted.


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