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New Year Resolutions for my kitchen

I haven’t made a list of resolutions for the New Year in a very long time (like 25 years!).  Not all resolutions have to be aimed toward deprivation or total elimination of a food or a habit to be successful.  I have created a list that I intend to focus on for the first quarter of 2016.  Then each quarter I will revise/cut as needed –  my list is only 6 items long but feel they are manageable, which is important for my success.

Here goes..

  1. Use more fresh vegetables and fruits in every meal – (move the canned goods out to the garage and place in my disaster kit.)  And a good time to rotate the bottled water into the house to use and buy a fresh supply of bottled water for the kit.
  2. Grow and use my own herbs – I hate spending $4 every time I need a little fresh rosemary or thyme in a recipe. This is my new herb garden that I started in mid-November (a great investment).  See here on Amazon to order.
  3. Cut way back on the use of refined sugar.  I have gathered all my cake mixes, puddings, brownie mix (hate giving this one up!) etc., and boxed them up to bring to the local food bank.  Even so, I know that I will still consume sugar but at least a valiant effort will be made towards reduction!
  4. Create my own trail mix using only the nuts, berries, and seeds that I like and not someone else’s pickings (including Asian party mix).  Scoop them up in snack size baggies and take to work (no more potato chips at 3pm for me). Run over to Heather Christo’s blog and check-out her recipe for Homemade Party Snack Mix – looks delicious!
  5. Eat more vegetables and less beef – limit meat to once or twice a week.
  6. Follow the My Plate concept of meal preparation.  Fill one half of your plate with vegetables (or you can combine vegetables and fruits).   One quarter has protein (fish, chicken, lean meat) and the other quarter is a good carbohydrate (brown rice, whole grain breads, legumes). This one could be the biggest challenge yet!

If you are wondering why I chose a photo of Lucy and Ethel at the chocolate factory for this post, it’s because no matter how I do on the above resolutions, I will keep my sense of humor throughout – cuz that is my Number One resolution for 2016:  to laugh at lot and do it often!

How about you?  What New Year Resolutions have you made and want to share?


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