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Brie and cranberry circles with fig jam

Here is a perfect canape to serve on Thanksgiving while you wait for the turkey to finish cooking.  You don’t really want heavy canapes/appetizers as you want everyone to enjoy your turkey with all the trimmings that you have slaved over all day.

Make the sugared cranberries right after you put the turkey in the oven, as the cranberries will need to set/dry for about 3 hours.  Assemble the canapes about an hour before you serve dinner.  Open the oven door and smell your delicious turkey; place the canapes on a white platter and serve to guests.  Sit, eat, sip glass of wine/champagne and you are done.  Let someone else serve the dinner and do the dishes – after all you have done enough today!


4.5 ounce package of table water crackers (I used Carr’s crackers)

Medium size wedge of brie or camembert cheese

12 ounce package of fresh cranberries

1  cup sugar

4  Tbl fig jam

2 Tbls water

1 egg white

Fresh chives


1. Prepare the sugared cranberries as follows:  In mixing bowl, add the water and egg white and mix on medium speed until blended, but not whipped.  Add in the cranberries and coat them using a spoon.

2. On a cookie sheet spread the sugar and roll the cranberries around till coated with sugar.  Leave on the pan and let them dry at room temperature for 3 hours till they are well set.

3. Cut the cheese into thin, square slices that will fit on the round crackers.  Snip stalks of chives into 3 sections on the diagonal.

4. Assemble the canape:   Cracker, top with piece of cheese, add a dab of the fig jam on cheese (this is the glue to keep the berries on top), set 4 or 5 sugared cranberries on top of the jam.  Bend each chive strip in half and then place delicately on top of the canape between the cranberries.

5. Place the rounds on white platter – take your turkey out of the oven and serve the canapes while the turkey is “resting”.

Yield: 20-24 canapes


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