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Goat Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms

One holiday down, and two to go before 2014 comes to an end – the year has certainly gone by very quickly!  Lots of holiday parties in the next month, so canapes and appetizers will be at the top of my list of things to prepare. These stuffed mushrooms are quite easy to make and have a slight piquant tangy flavor to them as evidenced  from the combo of goat cheese and balsamic vinegar reduction.  I served them on Thanksgiving and got two thumbs up from my 5-year-old great-niece Lily – that makes this appetizer a winner as far as I am concerned!


24 cremini mushrooms

3 ounces goat cheese

1/4 cup toasted pine nuts

3 Tbl bread crumbs

1/4 cup balsamic vinegar

2 Tbl rosemary leaves

3 Tbl olive oil



1. Wipe the mushrooms clean with a damp paper towel and remove stems.    In a bowl add 2 Tbl olive oil, the rosemary leaves and the mushrooms.  Toss and let marinate for 10 minutes.

2. Transfer the mushrooms to a baking sheet with the round side facing up.  Put in a 425 oven for 30 minutes till the edges start to brown.

3.  While the mushrooms are cooking, add the balsamic vinegar to a heavy pan and cook on medium heat till the vinegar is reduced to half its volume.

4.  In a frying pan on medium heat, lightly toast the pine nuts – no oil in pan.  This takes about 30 seconds.

5.  Remove pine nuts and add 1 Tbl olive oil and the bread crumbs to the same fry pan.  Toss until they are lightly browned.

6.  Cut the goat cheese into 24 small pieces and set aside.

7. On a serving platter smear the balsamic vinegar reduction as a basis for placing  the mushrooms.  Place a mushroom on top, press in a small piece of goat cheese, and then top with bread crumbs and a couple of pine nuts.  Ready to serve!

Yield:  24 stuffed mushrooms



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