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Chocolate Soufflé

I love a Chocolate Soufflé, anytime, any day of the week – it’s one of my favorite desserts.  In recent years there is a trend to create soufflés with the “lava” effect, where chocolate oozes out when you dig into it.  I prefer the traditional light and airy texture inside a soufflé and this recipe does exactly that.   I practiced many a weekend making Soufflés using a basic recipe from Gourmet Cook Book until I perfected it – have adapted it as seen below. 


When you find yourself at the end of the day in need of something sweet, with a creamy texture inside, and yet light, then look to The Beignet.   A beignet is basically a pastry dough that is deep fried – similar to a doughnut, but oh so much more!